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Viser: The Buzz about Bees - Biology of a Superorganism

The Buzz about Bees - Biology of a Superorganism

The Buzz about Bees

Biology of a Superorganism
Jürgen Tautz, Helga R. Heilmann og David C. Sandeman
Sprog: Engelsk
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Detaljer Om Varen

  • Hardback: 300 sider
  • Udgiver: Springer (April 2009)
  • Forfattere: Jürgen Tautz, Helga R. Heilmann og David C. Sandeman
  • ISBN: 9783540787273
Tis book, already translated into ten languages, may at frst sight appear to be just about honeybees and their biology. It c- tains, however, a number of deeper messages related to some of the most basic and important principles of modern biology. Te bees are merely the actors that take us into the realm of phys- ology, genetics, reproduction, biophysics and learning, and that introduce us to the principles of natural selection underlying the evolution of simple to complex life forms. Te book destroys the cute notion of bees as anthropomorphic icons of busy self-sacr -i fcing individuals and presents us with the reality of the colony as an integrated and independent being--a "superorganism"--with its own, almost eerie, emergent group intelligence. We are s- prised to learn that no single bee, from queen through drone to sterile worker, has the oversight or control over the colony. - stead, through a network of integrated control systems and fee- backs, and communication between individuals, the colony - rives at consensus decisions from the bottom up through a type of "swarm intelligence". Indeed, there are remarkable parallels between the functional organization of a swarming honeybee colony and vertebrate brains.
Prolog: The Bee Colony - a Mammal in Several Bodies; Man's Smallest Domestic Animal - a Picture Guide; The Inevitable Honeybees; Propagated Immortality; Honeybees - a Model for Success; What Bees Know About Flowers; Honeybee Sex, and Virgin Brides; Royal Jelly - Designer Diet in Bee Colonies; The Largest Organ of the Bee Colony - Construction and Function of the Comb; Cultivated Intelligence; Is Honey Thicker than Blood: How Important Is the Family; The Circle Closes; Epilog: The Future for Bees and Mankind; References;
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