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Viser: Leadership without Ego

Leadership without Ego

Leadership without Ego

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Detaljer Om Varen

  • 191 sider
  • Udgiver: (April 2019)
  • ISBN: 9783030003227
If you take a chain, pile it up and then push it, what direction will it go? Nowhere you can predict and not very far. If you take it by the end and pull it, which way will it go? It will follow you.

Leadership is not about what sets you apart from those you lead—it’s about what binds you together. It is not about controlling others—it’s about trusting others. It’s not about your achievements—it’s about unleashing your team’s greatness.

In short, leadership really isn’t about you—it’s about your people.
Take Bob Davids, co-author of this book and successful leader of six businesses in fields as diverse as engineering and winemaking. His achievements often came thanks to being able to refrain from acting when others might have found intervening irresistible. By trusting his employees to be better than him in their area of responsibility and letting them act, Bob unleashed the human greatness that no one else—including employees themselves—suspected.

Yet to lead without acting does not mean doing nothing. It means creating conditions in which things happen by themselves.

Leadership Without Ego is about a transformation of the concept of leadership in the past two decades: a change of beliefs about how best to lead, along with radically different leadership practices. The ideas in this book have already changed the fortunes of hundreds of businesses and the lives of tens of thousands of employees. They can do the same for your business, your people—and you.
Arrows. - Beach Vs Seminars. - Better. - Bosses Vs Leaders. - Bullshit. - Caltech Tools. - Cars, Etc. - Coffee. - Common Sense. - Communication. - Communication, As Glue. - Control, Cream. - Culture & Trust. - Culture Of Responsibility. - Decisions, Stealing Them. - Difference. - Discipline. - Dogs. - Down, Lie. - Dual Standards, Or No-One Is Special. - Eagles. - Ego, Generals' And Presidents. - Equality. - Excuses. - Evil. - Exit To Start. - Fun Killers. - Generalities. - Getting Out Vs Getting In. - Growing, From Within. - Hands, Ripping It From Yours. - Holding Back, Not To. - Honesty, The First Step To Being A Leader. - Hourglass. - Idiots, The Virtues Of. - Idiots, Making Them. - Ingredients & Inventory. - Ink, Free. - Inspirations Vs Perspiration. - The Instant They Leave. - Intellectualizing By Floating. - Job Interviews. - Karma. - Keeping The Culture. - Kicking A Baby Bird. - Kicking, In The Rear Vs In The Front. - Lateness, Chronic. - Learning From My Mistakes. - Lesson, Father's. - Limits To Thinking. In Handcuffs. - Listening And Creativity. - Listening And Ideation. - Loop Closing. - Love Vs Respect. - Low Sights. - Lunatic. - Lying. - Making A Person Better. - Marketing Your Creativity. - Mbwa Is Better Than Mba. - Meetings, Knocking The Edge Off Them. - Mistakes. - Morale Soup. - Motivating, The Impossibility Of. - Motivational Diapers. - Motivational Diplomat. - A Natural. - Negotiating Up. - A Negotiation Technique - Fishing Vs Working. - Negotiation, Two Tools Of. - Nine Men And A Baby. - Number
2. - Officer, Chief Entertainment. - One Percent Exception, Getting Emotional. - Open Book. - Overplanning. - Outstiders. - Pay, Don't Screw It Up. - Paying Attention. - Paying For (Self-)Improvement. - Performance Reviews. - Personnel Chances. - Privilege. - Product Development Tube. - Question, Asking The Right One. - Quitting. - Quitting,

Part Ii. - Reaching The Pinnacle. - Readers Of Bullshit. - Real Job Of The Ceo. - Real Life. - Reporting, By The Ceo. - Responsibility, With Authority. - The Right Quality. - Risk. - Running To Your Enemies - Cu Stick. - Saturday Off. - The Secret Of Becoming A Ceo. - The Senses, Influencing Them. - Sharing Gains. - Sharing Vision. - Shoeboxes. - Shotgun Innovation. - Size & Fun. - Size. - The Smallest Component. - Spilt Milk Syndrome, Double Bind. - Spread Of Information. - Starting A Business. - Stifling Gm. - Stink. - Success And Fun. - Suits. - Supplier - A Better Dog. - Sustaining Growth. - The S-Word. - The Tank Factor. - Tap-Dancing Whores. - Theory
X. - Things We Cannot Do. - Time Horizon. - Time To Get Away. - Tired Giants. - Together, In The Garden. - Ton Of Money. - Top Guy. - Trademarks, Not Patents. - Trick Question. - T. C. - Trouble Time. - Trouble With The Ceo. - Trout. - Trust And Contracts. - Ultimate Power. - Uncontrollable Directors. - Unions. - Universal People. - Visionary Vs Accountant Ceos. Visionary Vs Enterpreneur. - Utopia Doesn't Last. - Video, Joies De (Life, Pleasures Of). - Wives And Dual Ladders. - Winemaking Isn't A Hobby. - Wings. - Winning, What It Means. - Worries Hang On Your Key Ring. - Wrong Hands. - X-It Strategy.
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