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Viser: The Oxford Handbook of Integrative Health Science

The Oxford Handbook of Integrative Health Science

The Oxford Handbook of Integrative Health Science

Carol D. Ryff og Robert F. Krueger
Sprog: Engelsk
Oxford University Press, Incorporated
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Detaljer Om Varen

  • Hardback: 552 sider
  • Udgiver: Oxford University Press, Incorporated (November 2018)
  • Forfattere: Carol D. Ryff og Robert F. Krueger
  • ISBN: 9780190676384
Most health research to date has been pursued within the confines of scientific disciplines that are guided by their own targeted questions and research strategies. Although useful, such inquiries are inherently limited in advancing understanding the interplay of wide-ranging factors thatshape human health.The Oxford Handbook of Integrative Health Science embraces an integrative approach that seeks to put together sociodemographic factors (age, gender, race, socioeconomic status) known to contour rates of morbidity and mortality with psychosocial factors (emotion, cognition, personality, well-being,social connections), behavioral factors (health practices) and stress exposures (caregiving responsibilities, divorce, discrimination) also known to influence health. A further overarching theme is to explicate the biological pathways through which these various effects occur. The biopsychosocialleitmotif that inspires this approach demands new kinds of studies wherein wide-ranging assessments across different domains are assembled on large population samples. The MIDUS (Midlife in the U.S.) national longitudinal study exemplifies such an integrative study, and all findings presented inthis collection draw on MIDUS. The way the study evolved, via collaboration of scientists working across disciplinary lines, and its enthusiastic reception from the scientific community are all part of the larger story told. Embedded within such tales are important advances in the identification ofkey protective or vulnerability factors: these pave the way for practice and policy initiatives seeking to improve the nation's health.

PART I: Setting the StageChapter 1 Approaching Human Health as an Integrative Challenge: Introduction
and OverviewCarol D. Ryff and Robert F. KruegerChapter 2 Behind The Scenes in Integrative Health Science: Understanding and Negotiating Data Management ChallengesBarry T. Radler and Gayle D. LoveChapter 3 The Roles of Twin Studies and Modern Genomic Technologies in Integrative Health ScienceRobert F. Krueger and Susan C. SouthPART
II: Early Experience, Life Course Pathways, and Adult HealthChapter 4 Early Life Adversity and Adult HealthCynthia S. Levine, Gregory E. Miller, Margie E. Lachman, Teresa E. Seeman, and Edith ChenChapter 5 Gender, Early Life Adversity and Adult HealthChioun Lee, Carol D. Ryff, and Christopher L. ColeChapter 6 Cumulative Stress and HealthNatalie Slopen, Celena Meyer, and David R. WilliamsChapter 7 Determinants and Implications of Subjective Age Across Adulthood and Old AgeYannick Stephan, Angelina R. Sutin, and Antonio TerraccianoPART
III: Work and Family Roles, Daily Life, and Adult HealthChapter 8 Promoting Healthy Practices in the Work Place: Making Worker''s Health a Priority Before It Becomes a ProblemKasey E. Longley, Amy M. Smith, and Joseph G. GrzywaczChapter 9 Work and Family: Pathways to HealthAmy M. Smith, Kasey E. Longley, and Joseph G. Grzywacz
Chapter 10 Intimate Partner Relationships and HealthDeborah Carr and Dawne M. MouzonChapter 11 The Lifelong Health Effects of Parenting a Child with Developmental or Mental Health ProblemsJieun Song, Marsha R. Mailick, Jan S. Greenberg, and Jinkuk HongChapter 12 Daily Positive Experiences and Health: Biobehavioral Pathways and Resilience to Daily StressNancy L. Sin and David M. AlmeidaChapter 13 Family as a Naturally Occurring Stressor: Race, Psychosocial Factors, and Daily HealthKelly E. Cichy and Jeong Eun LeeChapter 14 Social Capital, Altruistic Behaviors, and HealthTakeo Fujiwara and Carol D. RyffPART
IV: Interplay of Psychosocial Factors, Biology, and Health OutcomesChapter 15 Psychosocial Resources and Physiological DysregulationJoshua F. Wiley, Tara L. Gruenewald, and Teresa E. SeemanChapter 16 Biopsychosocial Patterning of Multimorbidity and its ConsequencesElliott Friedman, Beth LeBreton, Lindsay Fuzzell, and Elizabeth WehrspannChapter 17 Psychosocial Life Histories and Biological Pathways to Bone HealthArun S. Karlamangla, Neil Binkley, and Carolyn J. CrandallChapter 18 Biopsychosocial Pathways to Prediabetes and DiabetesVera Tsenkova, Deborah Carr, Christopher L. Coe, Arun S. Karlamangla, and Carol D. RyffChapter 19 Weight Identity Among Older Adults in the United States: Genetic and Environmental InfluencesRobbee Wedow, Daniel A. Briley, Susan E. Short, and Jason BoardmanChapter 20 Psychosocial Consequences of Body Weight and ObesityDeborah Carr and Vera TsenkovaPART
V: Psychological Factors and Health: Cognition, Personality, Emotion, Well-BeingChapter 21 Cognition at Midlife: Antecedents and ConsequentsStefan Agrigoroaei, Stephanie A. Robinson, Matthew L. Hughes, Elizabeth H. Rickenbach, and Margie E. LachmanChapter 22 Associations Between Personality and Behavior Over the Life CourseNicholas A. Turiano, Patrick L. Hill, Eileen K. Graham, and Daniel K. MroczekChapter 23 Personality as a Determinant of Health Behaviors and Chronic Diseases: Review of Meta-Analytic EvidenceMarkus JokelaChapter 24 The Road to Positive Health: Behavioral and Biological Pathways Linking Positive Psychological Functioning with Health OutcomesJulia K. BoehmChapter 25 Distinguishing Between Enduring and Fragile Positive Affect: Implications for Health and Well-Being in MidlifeAnthony D. Ong, Nancy L. Sin, and Nilam RamChapter 26 The Temporal Dynamics of Emotional Responding: Implications for Well-Being and Health from the MIDUS Neuroscience ProjectStacey M. Schaefer, Carien M. van Reekum, Regina Lapate, Aaron S. Heller, Daniel W. Grupe, and Richard J. DavidsonChapter 27 Culture, Emotions, and HealthJiah Yoo and Yuri MiyamotoChapter 28 Anger, Expression and Health: The Cultural Moderation HypothesisJiyoung Park and Shinobu KitayamaPART
VI: Integrative Perspectives on Social Inequalities in HealthChapter 29 Personality and Socioeconomic Status Over the Adult Working YearsBenjamin P. Chapman and Ari ElliottChapter 30 Social Inequalities, Psychological Risk and Resilience, and HealthJennifer Morozink Boylan, Christopher L. Coe, and Carol D. RyffChapter 31 Socioeconomic Status and Health-Related Biology: Links Between Socioeconomic Disadvantage, Psychological Factors, and HPA Activity in MIDUSSamuele Zilioli, Ledina Inami, and Richard B. SlatcherChapter 32 Perceived Discrimination and Health: Integrative FindingsAdolfo G. Cuevas and David R. WilliamsChapter 33 Disparities in Health Between Black and White Americans: Current Knowledge and Directions for Future ResearchThomas E. Fuller-Rowell, David S. Curtis, and Adrienne M. DukeChapter 34 The Education Gradient in Physiological Dysregulation: A Cross-Country InvestigationDana A. Glei, Noreen Goldman, and Maxine WeinsteinChapter 35 The Great Recession, Inequality, and Health: An Integrative ApproachJulie A. Kirsch and Carol D. Ryff
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