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Viser: Schaum's Outline of Mathematics for Physics Students

Schaum's Outline of Mathematics for Physics Students

Schaum's Outline of Mathematics for Physics Students

Robert Steiner og Philip Schmidt
Sprog: Engelsk
McGraw-Hill Education
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Detaljer om varen

  • Paperback: 432 sider
  • Udgiver: McGraw-Hill Education (Februar 2011)
  • Forfattere: Robert Steiner og Philip Schmidt
  • ISBN: 9780071634151

The ideal review for your physics course

More than 40 million students have trusted Schaum's Outlines for their expert knowledge and helpful solved problems. Written by renowned experts in their respective fields, Schaum's Outlines cover everything from math to science, nursing to language. The main feature for all these books is the solved problems. Step-by-step, authors walk readers through coming up with solutions to exercises in their topic of choice.

  • A quick, easy-to-follow guide to mathematical topics required for important concept development in physics
  • More than 1,500 fully-solved problems presented from both the physics and mathematics point-of-view
  • Hundreds more practice problems
1. Introduction to Algebra
2. Functions
3. Graphs of Functions
4. Linear Equations
5. Simultaneous Linear Equations
6. Quadratic Functions and Equations
7. Inequalities
8. The Locus of an Equation
9. The Straight Line
10. Families of Straight Lines
11. The Circle
12. Rational and Polynomial Functions
13. Trigonometric Functions
14. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
15. Complex Numbers
16. The Calculus of Single-Variable Functions: A Mathematics Approach 17. The Calculus of Single-Variable Functions: A Physics Approach 18. Vectors
19. Polar, spherical, and Cylindrical Coordinate Systems
20. Multivariate Calculus
21. Elementary Linear Algebra
22. Vector Calculus: Grad, Div, and Curl
23. Vector Calculus: Flux and Gauss' Law
24. Differential Equations
25. Elementary Probability
26. Infinite Series
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