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Viser: The Power of Purpose - Why Purpose Is the Key to Results and Performance

The Power of Purpose - Why Purpose Is the Key to Results and Performance

The Power of Purpose

Why Purpose Is the Key to Results and Performance
John O'brien og Andrew Cave
Sprog: Engelsk
Pearson Education
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Detaljer Om Varen

  • Paperback: 224 sider
  • Udgiver: Pearson Education (Oktober 2017)
  • Forfattere: John O'brien og Andrew Cave
  • ISBN: 9781292202044

****The Power of Purpose has been officially shortlisted in the 'Thought Leader' category for The Business Book Awards 2018, as announced on 17th January 2018.****


In a world where volatility is the new norm and change is a constant, the individuals and organisations that are flourishing are those with a clear sense of purpose based on authentic ethical values.


Purpose is the secret ingredient - with purpose you have the key to exceptional performance, greater wellbeing and clarity in a VUCA world. But how do you find such purpose and ensure it propels your business forward?


The Power of Purpose shares a simple 6-step framework you too can identify, clarify and shape your business purpose. You'll gain a competitive advantage and boost your bottom line, but the benefits are not just commercial - you'll also inspire a new generation of employees, foster innovation, simplify decisions and build customer and brand loyalty.


Based on qualitative interviews with well-established and emerging leaders on how they bring ethical purpose in business to life, as well as sharing the results from a questionnaire with purpose-led businesses you'll find a step-by-step approach for applying purpose to simplify complexity, harness a purpose-powered workforce and create customer loyalty.


How can purpose provide clarity? How can it accelerate success? How can it build a long term sustainable business?


The Power of Purpose is your secret ingredient.


"If you are building a business without purpose, not only are you ‭missing the point, but you are most likely missing out on the ‭journey, the excitement - and the profit - too." ‭Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group   "Purpose is a key enabler in the delivery of sustainable long-term value for all stakeholders. John and Andrew's book shows how to find, spread and follow such purpose within organisations and is a meaningful contribution to this debate." Paul Polman, Chief Executive, Unilever   ‭"This is a must-read for today's business leader, whether you're ‭setting up a new venture or leading a blue-chip giant." ‭Sophie Cornish MBE, co-founder, Notonthehighstreet.com
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